Sleeves Formwork

Our company is a manufacturer of high quality shuttering sleeve, used for pouring concrete columns, circular in private housing, industrial and road, also to carry out the pillars, fences, and gates.

The quality of the materials used to give adequate water resistance and the surface stick to the inner surface of the concrete formwork. The wall thickness of the sleeve is selected so as to provide resistance during the loading and vibration.

With the basic length is 3.0 m. Na request, we długości. Dostępne other diameters are: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 406 mm.

Advantages formwork manufactured by us are:

  • smooth surface of the column,
  • quick installation on site,
  • easy removal of the mold from the final column,
  • eco-friendly material,
  • affordable price.

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